As the sculptor inscribes his stone, so we shape our beans. 


D612  is a specialty coffee roastery born in Florence in 2016 with the aim to spread and sell high quality coffee beans, which are specifically selected only from small lots of traceable farms.


A Big Dream - Selected Arabica Green Coffee
We carefully choose the farmers to partner with, so as to select the beans straight from the origins and be sure about their quality. The selection of the beans is made taking count of the sustainability of the process, the right income for the small farmers and the quality of the beans themselves. This helps either the small farmers (and not just the bigger ones) to earn a right and respectful living, either us to sell, serve and taste high quality coffee. The sustainability of the hole process, such as the quality of the product are keen topics in our business.


A Devotional Work - Light and Medium Roasted Coffee
Once the green beans reach the roastery their transformation begins. We fuse tradition and innovation to go as close as we can to the perfect roasted bean for every method of extraction. Working among tradition and innovation we deeply strive to find the perfect balance between numbers and taste. 

We want you to taste the coffee, not the roast. 


Workshop, Tours and Cuppings
Sharing our knowledge is for us as important as the quality and sustainability of the product itself; get in touch if you want to know more and sign for one of the above.


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