Las Coloradas Washed - Colombia

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Variety: Tabi

Altitude: 1600

Region: Huila

Process: Anaerobic, Washed

Producer: Ana de Jesús Calipso

Cup profile:  Wild Berries, Grapefruit, Rose, Papaya

The Huila region is framed by the Central and Eastern ranges of the Andes providing a great variation in climate.

Finca Las Coloradas sits on clayey soil and it is characterized by mild temperatures and scarce rainfalls.

The Tabi variety was originally born from a hybrid created by Timor, Typica and Bourbon. The main mission was to create a strain resistant to the rust disease, very common in areas with this type of microclimates and altitudes. It first appeared in 2002 thanks to CENICAFÉ (National Coffee Research Center). Thanks to this hybrid we obtain the best qualitative characteristics in the cup of its ancestors Bourbon and Typica.

"Tabi" means good in Guambian dialect, the native Colombian language.

The anaerobic washed process exalt a medium tartaric acidity with a large number of fruity and floral notes, such as rose, nectarine, red plum and papaya.