El Diviso Washed - Colombia

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Variety: Pink Bourbon

Altitude: 1700 mt

Region: Huila

Process: Anaerobic, Washed

Producer: Arnulfo Hoyos

Cup profile:  Rosè wine, Blackberry, Strawberry, Tangerine, Milk Chocolate

The Huila region is particularly exciting for specialty coffee due to its high altitude and variable microclimates. This offers us large changes in temperature between day and night, which slows down the ripening of the cherry. These factors give us very intense, sweet, and complex cups, but at the same time great challenges when it comes to grow coffee in this region. Cool temperatures and high humidity make drying coffee a very difficult task.
The Pink Bourbon variety is a hybrid between Yellow and Red Bourbon and it is found almost exclusively in the Huila region and its surroundings. The name comes from the color of its cherries when they are ripe. It is a variety resistant to oxidation, with a good yield without the need for too much fertilizer. The taste reminds us of Ethiopian coffees for its bright floral and fruity notes.
In this case, Arnulfo Hoyos makes us a washing process with anaerobic fermentation, and later it is dried in the sun and indoors in a canopy.

This complex fermentation process enhances the tartaric acidity reminding of rosè wine, with tangerine and wild berries notes, with a nice milk chocolate end.